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The 5 Rules of the Paleo Diet ™
These are the 5 main features of the Paleo diet as laid out by Stephenson on the program.

1. Build a Paleo Plate for Every Meal – two-thirds vegetables (plus a little fruit) and one-third meat and fat
2. Eliminate All Inflammatory Foods – No processed foods, grains, legumes, dairy, or refined sugars.
3. No Calorie Counting – Eat until you’re satisfied and still lose weight.
4. Eat Dinner for Breakfast – Pass on the breads and cereals while opting for meat.
5. Take 3 Cheat Meals per Week – I suppose this would be the 85/15 rule? Apparently, one may have to do this to make Paleo a sustainable lifestyle instead of a fad diet.

So SIMPLE and so EASY because we are here to help!!!

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